You're an Asshole (but a cute one) [Destiel AU]

You're an Asshole (but a cute one) [Destiel AU]

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Something about that cocky grin and mischievous smirk made Cas glare in fury. Dean had no sense of respect whatsoever, he tries to flirt himself out of trouble (though it has worked a few times on Cas, he must admit), and he's a complete and utter asshole... but he's a cute asshole, so who is he to say no to those taunting green eyes? 

• this is book one of two 
[ Destiel AU, ideas from tumblr ]

Warning: Bad language (for those not comfortable with profanity)

How about I smash your head in a table and force that lettuce down your throat eh?
Me before supernatural: OMG 666
                              Me after supernatural:666? AYYYYE CROWLEY, LUCI MAH BROS
Baxatax Baxatax Mar 29
Smiled sarcastically, A.K.A. signaling to get the f*ck out of his checkout...little sh*t
hpotter2003 hpotter2003 Apr 29
Umm at the grocery stores around me the lettuce is wrapped in plastic. Even the organic kind. Is that not normal?
hpotter2003 hpotter2003 Apr 29
Me @ most pretty much all of the cute dudes at my school (but like silently)
Me before Supernatural: 666 OMG GUYS 😱
                              Me after Supernatural: eh, whatever