You're an Asshole (but a cute one) [Destiel AU]

You're an Asshole (but a cute one) [Destiel AU]

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Something about that cocky grin and mischievous smirk made Cas glare in fury. Dean had no sense of respect whatsoever, he tries to flirt himself out of trouble (though it has worked a few times on Cas, he must admit), and he's a complete and utter asshole... but he's a cute asshole, so who is he to say no to those taunting green eyes? 

• this is book one of two 
[ Destiel AU, ideas from tumblr ]

Warning: Bad language (for those not comfortable with profanity)

I thought it said "fantastic breasts and where to find them"
todayismine todayismine Aug 09
Putting on the bad boy mask while he still enjoys Harry Potter movies. Oh Dean, you're not fooling anyone.
It would be amazing if he runs into Sam and they become best friends and their just hanging out and dean struts in shouting "SAMMY I GOT BEER AND PIE LETS GET WASTED"
I'm in a grocery store rn and I am seriously running my hands over everything omg
Yass my mom got us tickets to see it the night before it comes out in theater. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😂
Calming his inner nerd. 😂😂 that's not possible  for me.😂😂