Her Billionaire Bosses

Her Billionaire Bosses

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Ashley has two loves in her life, her mother and cooking. After losing her mother to cancer, she finds that she's at the risk of losing her second love as well. When the opportunity of a lifetime falls into her lap, she grabs a hold of it with both hands without realizing just what she's getting herself into.

When Jacob decides to make good on an owed favor, he has no idea just what he's inviting into his shared home. Until Ashley arrived and he and his lifelong friend Adam realize she might just be what they had no idea they were looking for. They know they have to have her; the question is, will she let them into her life after getting to know their greatest secret?

WARNING: Mature Content
Suggestive Dialogue, Coarse/Crude Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
[ménage à trois, mmf]

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Pardon me while I use magisterial in every sentence from now on because man does jt sound nice C:
Runninlzrd Runninlzrd Feb 20
Glad you’re back!  Smooth it out and create some more! It was a good story, keep up the great work!
mfoxee6 mfoxee6 4 days ago
Could not believe their was updates on this story it has been so long
Gotta, the edits look amazing so far <3 Thanks for coming back for us l it tle people
ShayButter888 ShayButter888 5 days ago
Haha that's horrible...OMG I love it...that's gold... I think you might be my favorite author now...great story already...
ColorKeeBadd ColorKeeBadd 2 days ago
Yoo the fact that I'm sitting in class now is ironic asf 😊