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He Happened

He Happened

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Meryl By Pitakarot Completed


Unf.  What is that noise?


What day is it again?


Why won't the clock shut up?!


I sat up abruptly in my bed and threw my clock against the wall.  It crashed loudly against the wall and broke into pieces.  That was the true way to shut off an alarm clock.

"Jaelyn!"  I groaned and slowly drifted back to sleep, ignoring my mother's calls.

"Jaelyn!  If you don't get up I will personally visit you in your room!" my mother screamed from the kitchen downstairs.

My eyes flew open and I whipped the blanket off me.  My mother is the last person you want to anger and if you do, just pray you'll leave the room unscathed.  I jolted up out of bed and zipped downstairs, tripping over my own feet.  I entered the kitchen to see my mother sipping from her coffee mug and my father leaving for work.

"Sweetie, what was that crash I heard just now?" my father, Kristoff, asked.  He bent down to tie the laces on his leather shoes.

"It was...nothing," I lied and flashed hi...

Pitakarot Pitakarot Sep 27, 2012
@EmilyAdji Thanks so much! :D @CarliPacheco Alrighty then.  Sorry for late reply. @AvaPelayo Thanks! :D Makes me feel better right here. <3 Cover was made by aznsparkly, her stories are really good too!
AvaPelayo AvaPelayo Jun 16, 2012
Your story is one of the best stories I've seen so far. Your pacing is wonderful and the writing is amazing. Definitely something I would look forward to read. 
                              I also love the cover.
MercuryMellow MercuryMellow Jan 22, 2011
you use the word lame to much!!! it's not lame at all!!! ^.^
Pitakarot Pitakarot Nov 05, 2010
Don't blame me if it sucks because this is the first time I wrote something for everyone to see...lame...-_-"