On the run (complete)

On the run (complete)

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_pokemon1o_advanced By _pokemon1o_advanced Completed

This story is a gruvia, Gale, Nalu and Jerza fanfic. 

What happens when the guild throws a crazy party and the four girls get pregnant? You'll just have to wait and see...

Disclaimer: i dont own Fairy Tail or the characters in it but plot is mine, i was inspired by many fanfics and this is my take on it <3

Keep writing lovelies ^-^

Alia_Pohaku Alia_Pohaku Aug 23
I love how everyone is made at gray but he just said I LOVE YOU!
You know this has nothing to to do with anything but it's so hard not to fangirl on you period like seriously blood shoots out like a rocket
Gray: Don't go, i love you.
                              Juvia: No you don't.
                              Me: Way to get him to wake up!
Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Aug 31
WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JUVIA?!?! The Juvia I know would start taking pictures of 'Gray~sama' and her in bed!
Wait is this like 50 shades of gr- wait not its 50 shades of Erza
Alia_Pohaku Alia_Pohaku Aug 08
I read it and I thought it said Lucy's POV and I was like WHY THE HELL IS LUCY WITH GAJEEL!!