Lone Wolf [Sans x Wolf!Reader]

Lone Wolf [Sans x Wolf!Reader]

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Chelle (Tato) By TatoTheDestroyer Updated Dec 18, 2016

Being a shifter is never easy. The names are not nice, and you have no place on the surface, for real wolves hate you because you're half human, and humans hate you because you're half wolf. After years of being shunned and called "freak", "werewolf" and "monster" you decide it's time to leave the surface. You've heard the stories of how humans got rid of the monsters, and you didn't want that same fate where you may die. Travelling to Mt. Ebott, you finally feel free. 

And when you meet a certain skeleton duo, your prayers of love and kindness may just be met.

A/N: I own nothing but the creation of the cover, the art belongs to it's rightful owners, and so do the characters. You belong to you, unless you want to belong to Sans instead~

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My name is Phoenix! Nice to MEAT you! *snickers at her own pun*
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