Boys Who Steal Cats

Boys Who Steal Cats

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mom By tatortotmajesty Updated May 24, 2016

Spilling coffee all over myself? Check.

Spilling coffee all over the meanest (and hottest) boy at school? Check.

Failing my calculus exam? Check.

Cat getting stolen as revenge from previously listed asshole? Check.


Ryland Cartier can't seem to catch a break, especially when her newly remarried mother leaves the country for two weeks for her honeymoon, leaving her all alone with just her cat. Having a relaxing two weeks to herself sounded like a good idea until she accidentally spills hot coffee all over Austen Black, the "biggest asshole to ever exist".

rainbow_trash_can rainbow_trash_can Mar 24, 2017
If someone told me that id probably be incapable of not busting out laughing
r_purpplelover r_purpplelover Sep 23, 2017
I'm freaking out bc nobody has ever written a book with my name in it!! Only if it's a Shyland fanfic.
MisTMoonlight MisTMoonlight Apr 05, 2017
Gold fish song:
                              Hi! I'm bob! I'm a gold fish! And a goldfish has a memory of- hi! I'm bob! I'm a goldfish! And a goldfish has a memory of - Hi! I'm bob! I'm a goldfish! And a goldfish has a memory of- etcetera
XxMythNightxX XxMythNightxX May 29, 2017
Starbucks has a DRIVETHROUGH?!?!? 😱 I'm dead, this is life changing🤤
SJCarterx SJCarterx Dec 14, 2016
All I read was the description and I'm already blowed 😂😂😂. This mf stole her cat- what 😂😂😂😂
sumeyaalington sumeyaalington Aug 26, 2016
Oh wait. Never mind. I guess she just accidently threw something and it hit his window.