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Don't kiss and tell

Don't kiss and tell

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itstoughtobeagod By itstoughtobeagod Completed

"You're not as annoying as the magazines say you are." "You can't believe everything you read Princess." Down on her money aspiring Fashion designer Marinette is thrown in the the world of celebrity glamour when she agrees to pretend to date model, bad boy Chat Noir but things start to fall apart when the feelings become not so fake. Celebrity Au. Marichat adrienette
Cover created by @Golden_heart_

Nino the man. 
                              LOL bonus. I saw a couple today, one who had glasses while the boy had a cap. Sound familiar?
Wow. Just wow. So... He's the sweet Adrien inside, but just doing what his father needs for publicity? Cool.
The next day, she got knocked out and threw outside the house.
                              The end
Jasmineblom Jasmineblom Mar 06
If chat noir is "kinda" hot then this story I "kinda" good... Get it?
                              also, she litter-ally just sold her friend. Like, fur real.
                              okay, I'll stop with the puns meow. I mean now. 😂
^^ guess *pout* 
                              I know Adrien is Cat Norir but I got confused... Idk if it was CHAT or CAT