Mate To The Dragon

Mate To The Dragon

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"Lyzaria! What did I tell you about the forest?" My father scolds me sharply. I flinch at the anger in his voice and quickly retract my hand, inches from the trunk of the tree. 
"Sorry father, I couldn't help it. The trees are just so beautiful," I whine turning towards him. His face softens slightly and he scoops me up into his muscled arms. 
I wrap my small arms around his neck and bury my face into his shoulder. He hugs me tightly and carries me away from the forest. 
"Why can't we go into the forest?" I ask, looking over his shoulder to see the red and gold leaves slowly disappear from view as we climb the hill. 
"The forest is a dangerous place," he sighs. 
"How can something so beautiful be so dangerous?" I mutter in confusion. 
"The danger is in its beauty."

**Cover by psicho666**

(This story is also in Italian, it is on my profile page)

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Ela_Rivers Ela_Rivers a day ago
Whatttt? If I were a dragon you would be dead already.  💥🔥🔥🔥🔥
MocHaCoA MocHaCoA 4 days ago
Lmao, one person murder his family amd other innocent also get the effect🔥
Pure_Void Pure_Void Apr 17
That’s messed up.. You can’t just judge a few dragons over other dragons that haven’t done anything
BTrain84 BTrain84 Apr 13
This premise reminds me of Dragonheart, despite the fact that there are werewolves in this story.
Ela_Rivers Ela_Rivers a day ago
And it doesnt seem that you suffer that much since you already got yourself a new wife and a new kid too.