Septiplier smut {discontinued}

Septiplier smut {discontinued}

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{gone} By antisepticeye Updated Mar 02, 2016

I am so going to hell for this there is a mix off 

sub Mark and Dom Jack and 

Dom mark and sub Jack 

you can leave requests if you like

WonderBird21 WonderBird21 7 days ago
Mark was called markle- sparkle in high school because he got glitter in his hair
Septiplier2627 Septiplier2627 a day ago
The songs that go with this is 
                              Touching on my-nightcore
                              Or nah-nightcore
edge_lord_123 edge_lord_123 Oct 29, 2016
Mark just met the guy, and Sean is now daddy? WHAT IS THIS AU?
thefanfictiongod thefanfictiongod Oct 29, 2016
Is it weird I was able to imagine this and hear the groans in my head. It's so weird in their voices... just imagine it... NO DONT I'M WARNING YOU DONT ITS HORRIBLE BUT SEXUALLY PLEASING!!!!!!!
XxPsychoAlexX XxPsychoAlexX Sep 10, 2016
                              THEY G0NNA LOSE THEIR BUTT VIRGINITY 
                              AND IM G0NNA ENJOY EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT
                              I'M GOING TO HELL
                              BUT I DON'T FREAKING CARE
                              MY SINS MUST BE FED
" I smirk sucking and bitting it making sure to leave my MARK"
                              OMG da punz tho