Ice Age X Reader

Ice Age X Reader

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SU AlakayTiger By AlakayTiger Updated Aug 31, 2016

What if you were in the world of Ice Age? You were a just regular college student. But One day, you got sucked into your brother's time machine. Now, it's up to you to get back home. Along the way, you meet the strange herd. Manny allows you to join their herd and you accept. The longer you stay with the herd, the more you don't want to go back home. But what if you didn't want to go back home at all because you fell in love with a certain saber? Enjoy!

Y/n: Your name.

F/c: Fur color.

B/n: Brother's name.

E/c:  Eye color.

AlaskanWolf88 AlaskanWolf88 Aug 31, 2016
Video games is the only thing I have in common with this....