Discovering Parker.

Discovering Parker.

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nicole By handguns Updated Feb 22, 2015

Sable Marks never thought that five months after graduation she would still be in the same ocean-side town she grew up in. But five months ago Sable Marks’ father wasn't dying, her mother wasn't sleeping with her hunk of an assistant (and lying about it), and her brother Nolan wasn't taking a face dive off a cliff.

Then Sable meets Parker Nova, a cigarette smoking hard ass who just happens to be the son of the most notorious Lawyer in Hines Trail and decides maybe its her turn to act out and show her family just how 'fine' she really is. But Parker has other plans for Sable. Plans that include finding who the real Sable Marks is and, despite his best efforts not to, discover a bit about himself in the process.

Five months ago, Sable Marks never thought she’d find solace in the shape of a troubled boy with dark blue eyes, but five months can change a person.

{Spiritual #8 / Teen Fiction #212} 
*Contains swearing, mild violence and talk of abuse.*

  • abuse
  • adventure
  • badboy
  • beach
  • boy
  • cancer
  • crush
  • death
  • depression
  • drama
  • drugs
  • friends
  • happiness
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stydiaslucaya2 stydiaslucaya2 6 days ago
Just a tip: Every time there's a new setting, dialogue or a change of character talking, you should write a new paragraph or just hit enter. Hope this helps ❤️
mysticenchilada mysticenchilada Jul 24, 2016
Well according to teen fiction rules that's the person she'll end up with...good luck
emithem emithem Feb 12
« She got a bad reputation 
                              She takes the long way home 
                              And all of my friends seen her naked 
                              Or so the story goes »
handguns handguns Dec 26, 2014
@tracyturnblad it means a lot that you like it enough to reread it(:
                              you haven't but I'm glad you did haha
                              yyeeaahh, sable is definitely a part of me, I didn't plan it that way tho she just sorta molded that way
- - Dec 26, 2014
im rereading this bc well I really really want to 
                              did I mention that parker is the epitome of bad boy auras and cute accents bc he really really is
                              also, I picture you as sable?? is that crazy idk it just fits to me
noillatsyrc noillatsyrc Feb 15, 2014
So original, and so amazing! I'm so in love with this story, once I finish reading a chapter I dread going back to reality. Keep up your beautiful talent!