Just my boss?

Just my boss?

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"Mr. Hartford...." I gasped, breathlessly. His thumbs caressed my stomach, his lips covering mine.
"My name, Lexi. Not my title," He said hoarsely, burying my lips in a kiss.
"Caleb......." Without another word, he lifted me up and laid me gently on the bed. He immediately lay on top of me, my fingers desperately trying to seek out his muscles.
"Lexi....I'm falling for you," He said, and my heart froze.
"Miss Sinclair, you're not just my secretary, you know." 

Lexi Sinclair lives with her boyfriend obsessed roommate and a jobless life. After being dumped twice, she's starting to feel like she'll never find love. But when she sees a catalog in the newspaper about a position open for being a secretary to a multi-millionaire, she jumps to the opportunity. But just to make sure it pays well, she decides to use some seduction powers to enchant her boss for a pay raise.

Caleb Hartford is an enigmatic multi-millionaire who's a player. He's got everything-looks, girls, and money. But he also has a dark past, full of enemies, rivals, and secrets. 

When the two meet, something happens.

Lexi can't use her seduction powers once she sees him. He's too good for that, and she may have already fallen in love. Caleb's life changes from having everything he wants to having the one thing he wants most not in his life.

Will everything be Lexi's happily-ever-after, in the end?

"Honestly I really love your book. I've read a lot of millionaire romance books and they are all the same. For some reason yours really stands out. I love the relationship you create between Mr. Hartford and Lexi. I would rate it a 10 because I can't stop waiting for the book to continue." -piggiesr2kool4u

"I just wanted to say. I really love your book and can't wait to see more!" -xemsxalexandrax

On chapter 3 of 'Just My Boss?': "This is going to be a good read I can tell already....update lots please!" -michelesawyers

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wonderlust250 wonderlust250 Oct 16, 2016
I laughed so hard 😂😂😂when she said that she matched all the descriptions. What a coincidence😂Haha😂