War Zones and Paradise

War Zones and Paradise

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⚔Jada⚔ By letmelivetonight Updated Jan 31

❝I thought you wanted me to stay away from him.❞

❝That was before. I guess I'm just tired of always being the victim. Aren't you?❞

Tyler's smile was as twisted as they came. ❝There are no victims, but there will be.❞

                                                                              *         *         *
Once upon a time, Aaliyah Preston and Tyler Moore were taught by a walrus and a carpenter that pigs have wings and true love conquers all. They traveled to the moon and back, for a love so deep it consumed the world as they knew it. Now the time has come for Ali and Tyler to choose - stoke the fire or kill the flames...

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GraysonbdIsMyBae GraysonbdIsMyBae Nov 19, 2017
Lol I immediately tap read when I read " War Zones and Paradises "
shayluh shayluh Apr 08, 2016
wait does this book start after hudsons and Trina's wedding?
alternative_pop alternative_pop Apr 21, 2016
Isn't that Josh Hutcherson in the video? What song is that? (Sorry to sound so clueless.)
PiGirl314159 PiGirl314159 Apr 09, 2016
I mean, I'm not a huge fan of smoking.
                              But that cover?
                              DAYUM, SON
makiagirl makiagirl May 15, 2016
Your book seems very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽
Alexhy Alexhy Jul 04, 2016
I PROMISE TO BUILD A NEW WORLD! FOR US TWO WITH YOU IN THE MIDDLE! we definitely have a lot of music in common after the thing with 2 Chainz's Im different ;)