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I've Always Loved You

I've Always Loved You

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Sophia/Sam By LoveMusicFandoms Updated Dec 26, 2016

Draco Malfoy has always loved Hermione Granger. All through their Hogwarts years. But what happens when he finally decides to take his feelings into action? Literally. Will he pay the price of shame, embarrassment, humiliation and a broken heart? Or will this grow into something greater, and change the coarse of everyone's lives? 
Read on to find out.

Draco does not deserve it. He was forced into everything he did. He only did those things in the first place since if he didn't then his parents would be in danger. And Ronald Weasley you're my least favorite Harry Potter character btw. *Lol I just ranted a lot*
I feel sooooo bad for Draco.... He's sooooo misunderstood....
AuroraPhillips AuroraPhillips Feb 28, 2016
Try not to use she said, he said, or any synonyms of said after every single piece of dialogue. It gets annoying, and the reader can get uninterested. Just a piece of advice.
dearietheories dearietheories Mar 01, 2016
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GeekyGlitterGirl GeekyGlitterGirl Mar 04, 2016
Yas 1st comment. 
                              This is the 1st Draomine Fanfic I've ever read so this is a weird experience for me, but it definetly catches my attention and keeps it. :D
                              BUT I'M STILL SHIPPIN' ROMIONE 4LIFE 4EVA
That_Gryffindor_Geek That_Gryffindor_Geek Feb 29, 2016
This is really good, but it just needs a tiny bit of fixing up to reach its full potential. Great work though!❤️