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What Is... Love? (Naruto Boys x Reader)

What Is... Love? (Naruto Boys x Reader)

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Faith Galvan By Custard10 Updated Apr 29

(Y/N) (L/N) was a girl who held no emotion. At least, that's what all of Konohagakure any Sunagakure thought. She lived in both of these villages at least twice each, but moved far away to be alone and train to become stronger. Little did the villages know, her emotion is like the weather; unpredictable. No matter how much you think you know her (this, of course, has a very low chance of happening), she will always come with something unexpected. In the two villages she is best known in, she is known to the older children as the " Heart Breaker". This is because she is seen to walk away from any love-struck boy that is infatuated with her without but a single noise or a bat of an eyelash. However, she'll give up everything to the younger boys and girls, thus earning a second title, "Mommy". One of these titles may waver and even be lost when she travels back to Konoha at the age of 13, for good. That is, of course, if she will be able to deal with all of the boys falling for her!

Heyy can u please send me that pic of the naruto guys in chibi its cute
LeSenpai LeSenpai Dec 19, 2016
Damn Sasuke didn't know you felt that wAY WE COULD RIP THOSE BANDAGES OFF AHAHAHAHAA
HereComesDatChoi666 HereComesDatChoi666 Aug 04, 2016
                              Yong Soo
                              Your breast are mine! Da-Ze!!!
Gravityfly04 Gravityfly04 Aug 07, 2016
It's been a long day without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
BakaUsagi1423 BakaUsagi1423 Sep 29, 2016
Like the guards would allow a rouge ninja in the village....
bee_tea_s bee_tea_s Oct 08, 2016
Well, I'm 
                              hungry, that's why I'm here