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Screeching To A Halt (Book Eight of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

Screeching To A Halt (Book Eight of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

13.3K Reads 680 Votes 18 Part Story
Miss Moffat By WritersBlock039 Completed

Thanks to the Tesselecta, Jessie has escaped her death by the skin of her teeth. Keeping such a secret has put chinks in relationships, but the Doctor is just glad both of them are alive, not to mention she has found confidants in the Maximoff twins.

Things are back to normal. With Lake Silencio dealt with, FitzSimmons has left the TARDIS, leaving the Time Lords and the Ponds to themselves. Two married couples inside the TARDIS to fend for themselves.

Then, when everything starts looking up, everything comes screeching to a halt . . . and it might just be the last straw that breaks Jessie's back.


I do not own Doctor Who or anything MARVEL related. I only own Jessie Nightshade aka the Bad Wolf. Saleen Harper belongs to Daughter_of_Time and the cover was made by marvel-ous.

amadmanwithanimpala amadmanwithanimpala Mar 06, 2016
I remember watching this scene when it aired and I was just like...what?!
amadmanwithanimpala amadmanwithanimpala Feb 26, 2016
Considering the summary has me worried as hell, this has me unbelievably worried [smiles through the pain].
CasJune CasJune Aug 05, 2016
Good thing I'm not in the Whoniverse cuz my name is Cassandra 😬😳
TrashforFandoms_704 TrashforFandoms_704 Feb 22, 2016
I CAN'T WAIT. You might need to make sure you're bunker is triple deadlocked if you plan on making me dïe of feels.
MirPanda45 MirPanda45 Jul 29, 2016
See? I learned to use data at some point... A bit late, but still
Hannah_Hatter Hannah_Hatter Mar 27, 2016
I'm at the book store, I just picked up BOTH, Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley's books, and I'm reading this fanfic instead. I think your doing your job!