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Kylie Parker is a normal girl living in a normal world around normal friends... Or so she thought. When she moves all the way across the country to California she's in for a surprise. She comes home one day and sees a mysterious looking wolf wandering around her yard curiosity gets the best of her and she has to meet it. What happens when she gets too attached to her little wolf friend and discovers disturbing secrets that might change her life forever? Who is this mysterious wolf? 

Xavier Blade isn't your average boy... Hes a werewolf an alpha to be precise he's known for his ruthless attitude and reckless actions he's a cold as ice and when he notices a human moving onto his territory he has to check it out. But what happens when that human turns out to be his mate? What happens if she gets a little too close?

"Im done with you" I snap at him.

"When i'm finished with you" He presses my back to the wall and leans over me putting his hands on either side of my head and bringing his lips to my ear. 

He whispers "You will have just been getting started" As he stars to trail kisses down my neck. 

"I doubt it" I say fighting back the moan that was daring to escape.

"Okay. We'll see" He says and kisses my cheek and walks off. 

I touch my cheek where he kissed it still feeling the tingles. 

I'm nowhere near done with that kid. 

(The writing above isn't in the story)

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ygyugunj ygyugunj Oct 15
This is the Volta in a stanza. But. She was already in love.
"I started to have some sexual thoughts about him" BOI WHO SAYS THAT WTH
DannaP24 DannaP24 Jul 17
Their is nothing bad about being yourself. Just because you spray perfume all over yourself doesn't make you a girly girl. Apply makeup! Lotion yourself! It's ok to be a girl.
I has no idea how tall I am
                              I'd rather stay short than be a 6'1 girl
srcat064 srcat064 Jul 09
ew ew ew no her dogs see her change and are in her room where she does private things they don't need to be real people please
XXbeartacin XXbeartacin Sep 27, 2016
Oh... So before you wanna say ass. But now you say butt..... TF THAT MEANS HUH