The Wolf and the Mermaid | Ongoing | Slow Updates

The Wolf and the Mermaid | Ongoing | Slow Updates

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Jackie By thzt_writing_freak Updated Jul 11

Meet Taylor, a mermaid with a longing to see the sunset. Being out of the water after sunset would cause her to shift unwillingly. And shifting unwillingly . . . well, she'll release her scent, causing the wolves to know what she is. 

Years before, the werewolf society attacked all merfolk they could find, not realizing that twenty remain. These twenty try hard to keep hidden from the wolves, but between Taylor's longing to see the sunset and some inevitable events that seem to take place, Taylor ends up shifting before entering the water. And when the wolves catch her scent, they are on the verge of being discovered. 

Now meet Blake, the alpha of the Blood Moon pack. When he discovers that mermaids are in his territory, he plans on taking them out. But what about when he finds out that one of them is his mate? 

Read to find out how these two enemies end up rejecting and accepting one another.

This is an amazing book. Your a talented writer and honestly my favorite book genre is werewolf and my favorite supernatural is a mermaid, I've read almost every mermaid wolf mate book, and this is by far in my top three!