Nashi From the Future

Nashi From the Future

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Harami By anime-lover7 Completed

Nashi and her friends are at the guild, when they recite a spell from an ancient book. It ends up sending them back in time. What happens then? {completed}

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

I know there are a lot of these, but a lot weren't finished. I only liked two, but they weren't even finished, and it looked like the Author wasn't going to complete them anytime soon. So I wrote my own. ENJOY!

Also Authors, update your Nashi stories! I love reading them!

UPDATE (11/14/16): I have officially published this story on Archive of Our Own (AO3), so if anyone wants to check it out, be my guest!!!!

catwoman1247 catwoman1247 Dec 31, 2016
Team Natsu 2.0
                              NASHI - Lucy
                              Storm - Gray
                              Scarlet - Erza
                              Gale - Natsu
_Random_Peeps_ _Random_Peeps_ Nov 29, 2016
It was bad.
                              IT WAS ANIMEZHANG!!
But what if something happened to Jellal then wouldn't she be Scarlet Scarlet?