Pyramids (August Alsina Urban) ✔️#TheBookClub

Pyramids (August Alsina Urban) ✔️#TheBookClub

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If I could move mountains, I would be able to change the world. 

If I was a King, I would help my momma no doubt. 

If I had the speed of a Cheetah, there's no telling what i'd do.

If I had the riches, do you know how well of I'd be? Do you know me and my Bruda' would be paid and livin'?

So?.. Let's speed this up. What is this thing? You know this thing I'm talking about? No? I'll wait... Still don't know? Well, it's called LIFE. And, I've been living it for 19 years now. And, it hasn't been all that grand, if I must say. 

I wish I had a Pyramid. I don't know why? I just wish I did.., wait I know why. So I can give it to the love of my life Cleopatra. I know, I know. I sound crazy, right. But her name is really, Cleopatra. And, I'm basically the man she loves: she just don't know it yet. I'm working on making her my girl.. Lets jus' say I'm not like the others guys she'd talk too, I'm not rich and fancy like her her past boyfriend's. Crazy, I'm not well off as is and I'm her secret. So? What is this thing called life again? I don't know, I wish knew- I just wish Cleo saw what I saw.. Me.

Copyright Chyna M. Fitzgerald 

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Now: Chy_Seoul

Saweetie Saweetie Mar 12
Keep you in the front, never in the back and never on the side😋
back2africa back2africa Apr 21, 2016
Your man wasn't satisfying yourself well, so you got yourself a good., now you wanna be all cocky
KiaTheQueen KiaTheQueen Dec 25, 2016
I played this song out. Then refreshed it. Then played it out somemore