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When Worlds Combine ~ Sans X Reader

When Worlds Combine ~ Sans X Reader

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Geekgamergirl101 By Geekgamergirl101 Completed

Frisk was a good friend of mine, despite the age gap. About a week ago, they disappeared, only recently found. It wasn't long for Monsters to return as well. I, in all honestly, am scared. The world will be changing, and change never comes easy. Frisk seemed happy, though, in fact so far it's been okay. Frisk introduced me to all the monsters, becoming great friends with many of them, in fact... I've even fallen for one. Unfortunately, I doubt love between a human and a monster will ever be okay, especially when humans have already started to react towards the monsters negatively.

"dusting themselves off."
                              You sure that aint, monster dust?
                              I'm just joking, but still!
                              That's a dusty room!
Me: Okay, No distractions Cheyenne
                              (Youtube notification) 
                              Me:Markipler uploaded 
                              (Two days later) 
I never laugh at stories, (Well, rarely,) but this made me laugh!
Heeeyyyy, this is awkwaaaard... I kiiinda thought you were like Frisk's imaginary friends or something, hehe... Heh... 
Ehehe... Hehe.. Heh... Heh... 
                              Just... Hah, just wait-- until you meet the REAL Flowey
Wow this is like a tongue twister xD but SCIENCE IM SO SMART (nope I failed French and math xD)