Apollo ► Alec L. [1]

Apollo ► Alec L. [1]

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Daniel Herleva had a wild fascination with the fictional world; a place of escape and adventure in words and images fleeting over a screen. It was his tether, his obsession, if you will, with the artistry of words, of character, of direction, that led to an innate understanding of mythology and parallels to the world in which he lived in. He simply used the mistakes he saw to live logically. 

That was thrown out the window on the night he encountered demons and Shadowhunters, a world in which he, unknowingly, had been destined to play a part in since birth. 

A mother who had walked out the door one night and disappeared off the face of the Earth - that was the key. What had happened to Celinda Herleva? And now, what had happened to Jocelyn Fray? Daniel's explanation could no longer fall under the mundane category for, as far as he knew, the world worked in shadowed ways: werewolves and vampires in bars, faeries and demons lurking in parks. His world had shifted into concealed territory. And how would he ever hold on?

A constant - that was the way. And in a time of shifting roles, fighting darkness and untempered magic, Daniel Herleva found a constant in a tall, raven-haired, blue-eyed boy, a constant he wouldn't realise just how much he would need.

[Season 1-?]
[Alec x OC]

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I'm a daughter if we're gonna talk abt mythology... Mythology and just history its self r absolutely fascinating...
mxdblood- mxdblood- May 15, 2016
THANK YOU! I've been trying to find a boyxboy Alec Lightwood book for forever. I really don't understand why people ship him with girls.
Queen_Melissa_ Queen_Melissa_ Nov 13, 2016
One of my father is in here cool but you forgot my other one Poseidon and my mothers Athena and Aphrodite