Harry Potter Smutt

Harry Potter Smutt

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Credits to @slashpervert 
Warning the brothers are active with each other so please don't get offended cause I warned yo.u

Harry'd been the one to ask for this, really. He wanted it. When he'd found out the twins would be interested, he could barely think of anything else. Most people wanted The Hero, but Harry was ready to try something altogether different. Experimenting a little during the war and a lot after, he'd found that what he really liked would shock most of the wizarding world. So now he stood, at the invitation of Fred and George, in their flat above the store. He'd been told to close his eyes and wait.

"Nice," one of them purred. "Gorgeous," the other one said. Four hands were touching Harry now - a slide of fingers through his hair, a pat to his bum, a tweak at a nipple through his shirt, fingers tracing the outline of his very aroused prick. "Did you do as we told you?"

"Yes, Sirs," Harry answered, heart pounding with excitement. He had washed himself very carefully ...

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Is his eyes open. Because if so you can be getting demand by other people, right?
So basically Harry Figured out that he like threesoms and kinky stuff........