Damian Wayne x Reader

Damian Wayne x Reader

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watty wankers. By GothamGirlx Completed

It is the start of a brand new year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne...

(You & Damian are both 15)

Contains strong language and violence!

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KpaPotter KpaPotter Feb 17
idk why but I fell that Peter Parker is my best friends right now
Name: Dylan
                              Last Name: Daggermen
                              Eye colour: Green
                              Best Friends name: Lyra
FontFreak FontFreak Jan 25
I think I’m the best friend because I love to hug people, especially those who hate it
DialDiva DialDiva Jan 25
people be posting their info and I'm wondering why no one is fangirling over that photo damian's looking smokin'
That happened to me with my bff. She hugging me tighter because I don’t like it lol
*grabs a 3 pound Hershey's Bar,  runs upstairs, climbes into bed, puts on wattpad and reads fanfics* (it is REAL)