Damian Wayne x Reader

Damian Wayne x Reader

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It is the start of a brand new year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne...

(You & Damian are both 15)

Contains strong language and violence!

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All Marvels Avengers movies, all horror movies, all superhero movies, Deadpool, White Chicks, GROWN UPS/GROWN UPS 2, ALL MOVIES WITH ADAM SANDLER I DON'T KNOW
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(Y/N) - Lee
                              (L/N) - Rosanova
                              (E/C) - One green eye, one brown eye (my actual eye color)
                              (B/F/N) - Marisa
Y/N -alice
                              L/N- Cuevas De Martinez
                              E/C- chocolate (everyone says my eyes are that color sooo)
                              B/F/N -Melanie !
I honestly thought they were going to eat the pizza frozen 😂
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That’s all I need........ to feel a little less pissed off at the world