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Endless-A The Pack Fanfic

Endless-A The Pack Fanfic

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Özge Sena Akyürek By PisirikPisi Updated Jun 07

Once upon a time, there was a world with five kingdoms. Those kingdoms were controlled by ten figures, and each one of them had their own powers. The world, or as they named it, Photaur, was a beautiful place.
  But a while later, the figures started to fear. That fear broke them inside and outside. The power inside them was getting bigger, and they were struggling to control it. Maybe it was good for the figures, but all of them wanted to be a good leader to their creatures. And they united, to choose one human from the World.

  All the figures gave a piece of their power to him, and magic was born. He was given the task to take care of the world the figures left behind, and they created another world for themselves. They believed the human.
  The black magic was created by the human, who was once happy but now,he wanted more and more power. Taking the opportunity of their exhaust, human attacked the figures. The black magic copied the figures, making a clone of them, but even stronger. Figures, with the last of their power, managed to exile the human from Photaur and lock their copies on another world, full of black dust and nothing else. 
  The human was going to come back, and he was going to take revenge. 
  The figures had to choose again.
  -Preston Blaine Arsement
  -Robert Latsky
  -Lachlan Power
  -Vikkram Barn
  -Mitchell Hughes
  -Jerome Aceti
  -Matthew Nucciarone
  -Brandon Nodnarb*
  -Kenny Pygott
  -Choco Chocobo*
  * I don't know their last names, so I had to make something up. Sorry!
  (Currently working on a better description.)
  Hello everyone! 
  This book will have Poofless, Vikklan, Merome, NoochZahHutt and a little bit of Kenoco. You can find more information inside the book.

lady-inferno lady-inferno Oct 03, 2016
I love endings that make you cry for like 1 hour(eg undertale pacifist ending) like sad endings give u a better understanding of the characters ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm rambling I'll just...... Go now....
                              IM NOT A STALKER
qwertybelle47 qwertybelle47 Jul 31, 2016
I was never a fan of "happy ever after" either. Casual endings are my favorite, if that makes since to u
ToxicEssence ToxicEssence Jun 22, 2016
Can't wait 😃 It looks like it's going to be a really good story.
Xexclaima Xexclaima Oct 02, 2016
I begs you upload good ending first. Otherwise we all cry. :D