Becoming a Mate ~ Sterek

Becoming a Mate ~ Sterek

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Juki Makiko By ThinkABetterWorld Completed

This Story is about how Stiles finds out that he is Derek's Mate. It's basically a lot of romantic Fluff, Disaster and Pack Stuff.
The Story is set at the same time like season 3 A, but Erica and Boyd never run away and never get into the hands of the alpha pack. It's kind of a Season 3 A AU, but with many changes.

Sequel Available:

Also if you are a Beta-Reader or would like to try it, I would like if someone would read this story once over. Mostly for Grammar mistakes (so as tenses and also Sentence structure (sometimes I mix that up) and so on), but if you also like to give me tips on the story or my writing style I would love to consider your comments and if I think you're right, I would change it. Maybe that sounds a bit arrogant, but I also want this to still be my story after a beta-read. I simply want people to not only like my ideas, but also my kind of writing.
If you interested and I didn't scare you away, feel free to contact me. (It would be best if you read a few chapters first, so you know what you're getting yourself into ;))

All the other pics in the story aren't mine. You will find the links always at the beginning of a chapter. (I like Pic's, but be warned the most of them are probably just cute and are not really connected to the story)

I also don't own Teen Wolf or most of the characters I use.

You can also read this story (and many other stories) at Archive of our own (I have another account there). The title is the same and the user name is: Juki_Makiko
The link is:

And because some people care: all the Chapters are around 1000 (800-1300) words long
The whole story contains nearly 30 000 words.

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RajeevDylan RajeevDylan Jan 24
Boyd is sweet here
                              Remember in the show when stiles asked him "I didn't know you were back"
                              He replied "I would have told u but we r not friends"🤣
Wow yeah this needs a beta or honestly just a quick re-read becAuse "they needed ages to change" is not how that phrase goes. It's they took ages to change. It just take out ages to far I think this has a lot of potential it's good
Dean_W_N_Srider Dean_W_N_Srider Nov 20, 2017
I bet he is being nice to Stiles because if he isn't Derek will kill him
I have holidays now my school will start next week and I can't wait for the next holidays😂
Who are you tryna convince? Us or yourself? Think about that...
makaylahthecreator makaylahthecreator Oct 02, 2016
I just love how I'm late asf to the book and the month I'm reading it is the month she's making the sequel 🙃