Becoming a Mate ~ Sterek

Becoming a Mate ~ Sterek

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Juki Makiko By ThinkABetterWorld Completed

This Story is about how Stiles finds out that he is Derek's Mate. It's basically a lot of romantic Fluff, Disaster and Pack Stuff.
The Story is set at the same time like season 3 A, but Erica and Boyd never run away and never get into the hands of the alpha pack. It's kind of a Season 3 A AU, but with many changes.

Sequel Available:

Also if you are a Beta-Reader or would like to try it, I would like if someone would read this story once over. Mostly for Grammar mistakes (so as tenses and also Sentence structure (sometimes I mix that up) and so on), but if you also like to give me tips on the story or my writing style I would love to consider your comments and if I think you're right, I would change it. Maybe that sounds a bit arrogant, but I also want this to still be my story after a beta-read. I simply want people to not only like my ideas, but also my kind of writing.
If you interested and I didn't scare you away, feel free to contact me. (It would be best if you read a few chapters first, so you know what you're getting yourself into ;))

All the other pics in the story aren't mine. You will find the links always at the beginning of a chapter. (I like Pic's, but be warned the most of them are probably just cute and are not really connected to the story)

I also don't own Teen Wolf or most of the characters I use.

You can also read this story (and many other stories) at Archive of our own (I have another account there). The title is the same and the user name is: Juki_Makiko
The link is:

And because some people care: all the Chapters are around 1000 (800-1300) words long
The whole story contains nearly 30 000 words.

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I bet he is being nice to Stiles because if he isn't Derek will kill him
aimforthepayne aimforthepayne Dec 23, 2016
the third sentence is a little awkward, maybe get rid of even? not entirely sure, just sounds awkward
Tobias_SITL Tobias_SITL Oct 03, 2016
"But nobody has 'seen' them or heard from them." Using "saw" makes this sentence past tense while the rest of the paragraph is present tense
Flaco005 Flaco005 Dec 16, 2016
*some loves truck girl. You need a verb to define the love struck girl
TheThingInYourCloset TheThingInYourCloset Dec 01, 2016
The only actual mistakes so far are that there arent commas where there should be but it doesn't matter since it's technically still correct
Flaco005 Flaco005 Dec 16, 2016
If you take out the comma after "one" the sentence flows better. The comma makes it choppier