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Harry is 14 and lives with his dad who beats him and treats him like a slave. Harry's mother died when he was 2 and he has no other siblings or family. At school his life is hell because he is bullied by everyone and has no friends. 

But one day it all going to changes. The bullies enter him for a competition to win a month with the worlds biggest boy bands, One Direction. He wins and Harry ends up spending the month with Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Will they be able to help Harry and will harry find happyness?

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My sleep deprived self thought that said Ashton and was about to violently scold that child.
I feel so bad for Haz! I'm here because of 1DIrishGirl5 and her shoutout! This is great so far!
Ur a great writer and can't wait for more!!! =) Poor Harry I feel so bad for him :(
Thank you. Hopfully next chapter be up by this week end fingers crossed.