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soulmates (clexa)

soulmates (clexa)

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maywemeetagain100 By Maywemeetagain100 Updated Apr 25, 2016

if I find the link I'll credit! but saw a similar idea on tumblr

everyone is born with their soulmates name written on their forearm... but there is no Lexa on the ark... and no Clarke on the ground.

when Clarke and Lexa can't find someone with the name written on their forearm they give up looking and move on, but what happens if they meet? Is it to late.

fireangel8 fireangel8 Mar 13, 2016
How does the name thing work. Is it there when your born or dies out just appear? What if one of them dies, dies the name disappear of her others arm?
greyisthenewblack01 greyisthenewblack01 Jan 20, 2016
Omg such a great idea I was waiting for someone to write this. Great start so far
StephanieTheBoyer StephanieTheBoyer Jan 20, 2016
I love all your books and this one is of to a great start!! Two day until season 3!!
_JustMeh_ _JustMeh_ Jan 19, 2016
*hands cookie with sprinkles* good evil monster I think I'm gonna like this book
Candycrash9999 Candycrash9999 Jan 19, 2016
Thatd akward but in the same tome pretty nice ! :D you know I love your books so I dont have to say anymore ;)
Melissa_7931 Melissa_7931 Jan 19, 2016
It's good I like it!... Are they born with there soul mates name on their arm or ?