Fairy Tail Truth or Dare  #complete#

Fairy Tail Truth or Dare #complete#

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Non POV 
The fairy tail guild had just won another fight and celebreded. 
"Lets play truth or dare! "-Lucy
They all agreed to Lucys idea. 
"I'll start since it was my idea. Hmm... Levy! Truth or dare? -Lucy
"Ehmm.. I pick truth"-Levy
"*evil grin* who would you preffer to kiss if you had to Gajeel or Natsu"-Lucy
"W-what?! "-Levy
"Fu fu fu"-Juvia
"G-G-G-Gaj-jeel... "-Levy
"Yes! I new it!!OTP! "-Mira
"*wispres to gajeel* hehe gajeel-kun and levy-chan sitting on a trie"-Juvia
"Shut up rainwoman! "-Gajeel
"Ok! My turn now! Laxus truth or dare"-Natsu
"Dare of course! "-Laxus
"Hug the girl you find the sexyest"-Natsu
"The hell man!"-Laxus
"It's a dare !"-Erza
"Fine... "-Laxus
Laxus went and hugged Mira. 
"Now me! "-Erza
"Juvia truth or dare"-Erza
(Just for you to now Juvia isn't a gray stalker and nobody nows she likes him) 
"Ehmm... dare? "-Juvia
"Ok!! I dare you to wear a bickini for the next four rounds! "-Erza
"Eh?!?! "-Juvia
Dare is dare Juvia"-Mira 
She went to the toilet ...

- - Jun 27
At first I thought it said Juvia and Gajeel are having twins....I'm messed up.
Jadedragon13 Jadedragon13 May 06, 2016
I thought it said "Me and Juvia are HAVING twins" then I dropped my phone and fell on the floor cuz I died screaming NOOOOOO GRUVIA AND GALE WHYYYYYYYY!!!!! Then I realized I was an idiot
NatsuDragneelZeref NatsuDragneelZeref Feb 01, 2016
LOL... I love the book so far. Can you please update it. I can't wait to read what happens next