Stole My Heart [EDITING]

Stole My Heart [EDITING]

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Previously known as 'The Bad Boy Stole My Heart' 

"You loveee me" He said kissing my nose and doing his cute little happy dance. 

"Maybe a little less after this" I said folding my arms and glared at him angrily. 

He took me in a long passionate kiss and smiled cockily. 

"Maybe a little more after this" He whispered in my ear. 

This is one of those thousand ways in which Ryder stole Natalie's heart. 

It wasn't easy to steal her heart. They had too many obstacles in the way but it wasn't too hard to steal her heart either cause the thief was Ryder Woods. 

Ryder Woods. The name screams out 'Bad Boy' and his life defines adventure. 
His eyes searched for challenges and spontaneous things. His heart is wild! Although his really tough heart had to skip a beat when he saw Natalie. 

That's when he knew he wasn't gonna let go of the one girl that made his heart beat faster. 
That's when he knew he had to punish her by taking her heart away. 

'Hearts are enclosed by rib cages cause they are wild creatures'

Well guess what? Ryder was going break down that cage and reach for the heart and Natalie was unknowingly doing the same. 

This is the best prank war between two frenemies. 

The best kissing between two 'just friends'

The best adventure of Ryder's life. 


The best stealing of all time.


Highest rank: #1 in teen fiction (26/10/16)
                            #1 in humor (2/1/2017)

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It isn't! Unless you're tired and you just want to go home and sleep!
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GAMES ARE NOT STUPID. But I would prefer to play Battlefield 4 or Tom Clancy's The Division.
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