Fontcest Shorts (Undertale)

Fontcest Shorts (Undertale)

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Linny By MsMario317 Updated Feb 18

These shorts will include:

Pairings: Sans x Papyrus 

Note From the Author:

Oh my gosh, this seems more like brotherly love, but it is still s o c u t e,,,
                              I need more Underfell! Pap loving and caring ab his brother tbh
Yanderespy Yanderespy Feb 10
Wait, if its underswap or swaptale. Shouldn't Papyrus have 1 hp! Since they switch.
Vixenthecat Vixenthecat Jan 29
Keona: The amount of times I couldn't read this because I'm allergic to fluffy cuteness is OVER 9,000!!!!
What's that thing in the sky? It says 'feels,' and it's coming towards me-*gets hit by the feels*
*cough* NO MATTER WHAT AU, SANS IS OLDER...*cough* This was cute
CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!! It should be illegal to write something this cute!!!