Flaming Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)

Flaming Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)

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*Second book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* 

"Niall is alive" 

Those three certain words spoken to Raven Ella Smith had turned her world upside down. Now she will be facing a journey like one she's never expected. Filled with danger in ever corner, new faces, old faces, new friendships, new enemies and even more secrets. 

And to top it all of, reuniting with the same boy who was her first friend, first love. Yet he pretends she meant nothing to him. 

Will Niall and Raven ever fix their broken relationship as friends or even more?

And will it be strong enough so they can both fight off the Flaming Phoenix?

*pls ignore all the grammar mistakes. I know I'm bad but I'm slowly editing everything*

ManiallBrookeHudson ManiallBrookeHudson May 01, 2016
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 09, 2016
Am I ready for this?
                              Will I still continue?
                              Of course. This book is too amazing to leave
styleslectic styleslectic Apr 08, 2016
i just know that the sequel will be even worse for my mental health
noticemezaynpie noticemezaynpie Dec 27, 2016
he marked this exact place in california in a WORLD map. must be a detailed ass map that one.
Only_a_shadow_ Only_a_shadow_ Jun 04, 2016
This is going to really mess up my emotions but I SHALL READ
ManiallBrookeHudson ManiallBrookeHudson May 01, 2016
You took his map .. He must know now that you are following him !! What if he change plans!!!