The Entrance To Detective Conan

The Entrance To Detective Conan

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Light Human Duck Halo By Aninur Updated Dec 30, 2016

Ani is a negative but sometimes positive. You could say that she's right in between. She's always a person who didn't really care about things that doesn't matter to her. She is lazy, you can say that.

But once everything changed, as the matter of fact. When she open the door to her house, it wasn't her house; it was the entrance to another dimension. Along something weird with her phone, very unusual.

What might had happened to her? What will she do during in that world?


I don't own Detective Conan or Magic Kaito or anything. I only own myself and my phone.

 I give credit to SecretHimitsu for painting my drawing in the cover, I drew the outline :3
 Read her book she is a wonderful person. 

(And of course, my most ugliest cover font lol I am not bothered to do anything now lol)

[Warning! May contain grammar errors because I am not good at writing] [And swearing]

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CryingMeth CryingMeth Feb 05, 2016
Wait. You seriously put the picture here...
                              Hope you enjoy the world, older brother.
                              I am no ugly duckling. I'm a swan! Or banana!
chowsey chowsey Apr 09, 2016
On the cover it looks like you picked up Conan by his shoulders and he is hanging in the air with his hands in his pockettos.
dorki-dorki-universe dorki-dorki-universe Feb 09, 2016
I assume that was me u got the bolded idea from. It's fine. Thx 4 reading my story! X3 I love the idea of it being like a video game with stats and stuff!! Really cool!!! Keep writing \(^u^)/ bye
CitraMr CitraMr Feb 13, 2016
You know, pandoru is reminding me of 'X' from Dice in webtoon
dorki-dorki-universe dorki-dorki-universe Feb 07, 2016
I like this. The phone is an interesting character. Never would have thought of that... please continue!! Also, let pandoru show up A LOT. please. he is funny. or she. or it. I don't know. Awkwardness. bye.