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Emmy Stylinson By lovebuglarry Updated Feb 06, 2017

AU: a world where Louis and Harry's tattoos are for their eyes only.


"It's not like it's our fault." Louis sits up, looking down on me and leaning on his hand. "You can't choose who you're with." He grabs my arm and lines it up next to his, so our ink matches and sits close to one another. "And even if you could I wouldn't change it." He traces the lines of the tattoos, looking down. "Ever."

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Brian007400 Brian007400 Mar 24, 2016
This whole idea reminds me of the Parbatai rune and so on in The Mortal Instruments! I love the idea. This story is amazing so far and you are a great author xx
lwtdaddy lwtdaddy Feb 10, 2016
You should make it the dagger and rose like that would be perfect
Daniela1039 Daniela1039 Feb 10, 2016
OML I love the idea of this story! Keep going. I feel like is going to be beautiful.
xcoldestqueenx xcoldestqueenx Jul 02, 2016
Im such an asshöle, I would probably walk up to a random person and say "I love your tattoos" just for them to freak out
NiallsBae5 NiallsBae5 Aug 15, 2016
Hi guys! Please check out my Larry fanfic Missing You. It's my first one and I would really appreciate it if you guys would let me know what you think! Thank you!
Nutella_Snapple Nutella_Snapple Nov 08, 2016
Great so far! Really loving the idea:) Minor grammar errors but those can be fixed in a pinch of time! I can edit and/or revise if you would like. Otherwise, it's a lovely start, and I'm really excited to read this!