sleepless || joshler

sleepless || joshler

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[book one]

"uh, t-tyler? c-can i try s-something?" josh stuttered and tyler stiffened.  


[!this book may contain triggering content!]

Now whenever an read a fanfic with Blurryface in it, I imagine his voice like Rumplestiltskin's xD I'm dying... Great writing though ;)
T0astedPotato T0astedPotato 2 days ago
Nononononoono use this catch phrase bb "if you don't leave, therell be two hits, my fist hitting your face, and your dxck hitting the dirt"
Some people don't know what/who this is from, while others just know
KsassyJake KsassyJake 3 days ago
Oh. Is Josh having a secret relationship with the nurse? *wiggling eyebrows*
Artsynerd329 Artsynerd329 2 days ago
All I can think of is some sort of sickness that he needs regular medication
im_a_reject27 im_a_reject27 6 days ago
I feel like Jared secretly likes Tyler and then admits it but gets rejected and tries to beat Tyler up, all while blurry is mentally abusing Tyler
                              Idek, just a thought