Fnaf lemons

Fnaf lemons

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Warning this is a Lemon not a fruit XD
And also inappropriate languages .

I warn you!!!

They look like dat in the picture . 
Art by nukude not mine.

Lolollolloolololllolo. Hope ya love it !!!

Remember it's not my fault if you don't like this story it's nobody's fault . And also not fault if you read this that you are young because " I WARN YOU "

Cheshy-Chan Cheshy-Chan Jun 27
Me: I don't care I'm here I just think that was cute, I'm telling Shadow
Ding dong dincky dinck 
                              ANAL SEX
                              *lenny face* 
                              (* 3 *)
                              👉 👌
Toy Chica: Pffft -holding back nosebleed till later-
                              Me: Watcha doi- OOOOOOMMMGGGG LEMMME WATCH
                              -both watch camera-
                              Everyone else besides Springtrap and Bonnie: Why are you tooooo.... OOOMMMGGGG LET US WATCH
                              -every1 sits in the cramped office watching the cameras-
bubhead bubhead Jun 07
Me : mmmm smexy ~(͡°ω ͡°)
                              My bff: DA hell ??
                              Me: you know its smexyyy ~( ͡ʘω ͡ʘ)
                              My bff: sighh * you know me so well(͡°ω͡°)
EMOwolf01 EMOwolf01 Jul 29
its anal its gay anal sex there is literally nothing else to say
Musica_OC Musica_OC Jun 24
Bonnie: Oh wait *puts on green jumpsuit and jumps off counter* IM GAY