Entangled in  a marriage

Entangled in a marriage

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Meet Sanjana Singhania.She is 27 years old,a interior designer in Delhi.She has no boyfriends and she thinks the reason is she is too perfect for anyone or anyways reverse of it i.e.,she might be too imperfect afterall she had a bad past.Her parents finally decide to get Sanjana married of their own choice after realising she is hopeless of falling in love.But wait!There's a catch!Sanjana is wedded off to Raj.
Meet Raj Oberoi.He is 34 years old and is CEO of an leading investment Bank in Mumbai.He is too busy to be entangled in any sort of love after his college.So,his parents decide to get him married of their own choice.But the daughter in law his parents had decided ran away.
So,what happens when they meet?They fall in love? No,but they are married...into a arranged marriage that too suddenly.With little butterflies flying and some interesting exes and past trying to come in between,what is next?
Read on to find more.
Note:No Steamy Romance involved!
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Jemialia9 Jemialia9 May 01, 2016
lovellyyyyy..im lovingg itt..finally an #Arlia fanfic..wohoooooo..