Jacob Frye Χ Reader : Ꭰifferent Ꮤorld

Jacob Frye Χ Reader : Ꭰifferent Ꮤorld

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Bika By bliztbika Updated Apr 18, 2016

Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The next gen for the Assassin's Creed games. It was the latest and newest game that Ubisoft had made. 

Plus, it didn't cause anyone problem but make it enjoyable to play because of the main characters : The Frye Twins. 

Of course, you bought the game and download it into your gaming laptop. After a few days - three days - of downloading it, you face a problem. 

A problem you didn't seen it. A problem that make you suck into the Ubisoft world of Assassin's Creed. 

What happens to you? Its up to you to found out.

Ariel_Wild Ariel_Wild Mar 27, 2016
I would have totally started when I was born just to get on their nerves XD
Dragon599599 Dragon599599 Dec 06, 2016
Why not just tickle him or yell shut up I mean this is a little fast
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Dec 09, 2016
                              WASN'T THAT FAST
                              WASN'T THERE A BETTER WAY
                              IT WAS A LITTLE RASH
Goldclaw10 Goldclaw10 Jan 12
Downloading the game, black hand pulled me through, now I'm here, now just give me a millennia to explain the tech
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Dec 09, 2016
Me: *breaks door* Crap
                              Mom: That'll be 50 dollars
                              Me: This isn't Arby's mom