Adrien/ Cat Noir  x Reader Oneshots

Adrien/ Cat Noir x Reader Oneshots

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These are all Adrien/Cat Noir and reader oneshots!!!! ^W^ Hope you enjoy! These are my first oneshots!!!!

Actually my cousin is hot but no incest I don't like him like that
Lol if this happened in real life i would be angrier about my cracked phone than those two kissing
Nino: Dude, you both kissed for 2 minutes...How could you not be dating?
                              Adrien:Shut up, Nino.
"My boyfriend" hmmmmm.... Hand me a marker
                              "The boy i desperately wish was my boyfriend but thinks im a complete bratty b***h because i am" there better
Lil when ever I hear someone say that I'm like , "Ima virgin bitch."
Here's the thing... 
                              My cousin looks almost exactly like Adrien XD