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Victoria Lennon By victorialennon Updated Jan 30, 2017

WARNING: Mature contents in this story. Read at your own risk!

Alpha flynn positioned himself around my legs and he started to lean down.

"No!" I flipped my body so my back was facing him and tried to crawl as far as i can. My hand reached the edge of the bed but Alpha flynn pulled my waist and he pinned my body to the bed with his front. He was breathing heavily and his body temperature was not normal at all. It was way too hot.

"No! Let me go you prick!" I screamed. His body was all over my back and i can't move at all. My hands are still trying to reach the edge of the bed but then he grabbed both of my hand and pinned them down over my head.

"I told you, you should know your limits." He whispered to my neck. He kissed the back of my neck and i shivered.
"Let me go.." i screamed, tears started to stream down my face. He kissed the spot just below my ear and sucked down. I can't help but moaned and i can tell that he was pleased.
"I know that you want me." He whispered before sucking down to the same spot even harder than before. I held myself from moaning.Then he slipped his right hand between my front and the bed and grabbed my boob and squished it so hard that i moaned.
"S-stop.. please stop." My voice sounded like a whisper. I was tiring so hard to hold back my moan. He moved his hand slowly to my stomach and he ripped my white shirt and pulled it away from my body. I was left in my underwear and short. His hand traveled from my stomach to inside of my shorts. He opened my legs wider with one of his legs and my body started to shake so hard. I'm scared and i don't know what to do.

He is too strong for me to fight and i know that he is going to rape me!

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queen1-1sidney queen1-1sidney Nov 08, 2017
First: low and down are the same thing and second: homework not homeworks , btw I like the book so far 👍🏻
kacyrice kacyrice Jun 15, 2017
Yes I always say sorry someone pushes me I say sorry someone yells at me I say sorry lol idk my brothers tell me it's annoying and to stop but I can't it's a habit but I'll try😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😇😇
nanasewell nanasewell Jan 28, 2017
She's about 5'2  Im guessing cause I'm too lazy to do the math 🙄