Runner {Gay Romance}

Runner {Gay Romance}

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Cover by @SchoolBathroom 

Alex Banez is a runner for a high-powered film set. His job requires him to cater to the needs of over-entitled actors, directors and pretty much anyone that outranks him...which just so happens to be everyone.

After Alex has a chance encounter with the film's new executive director, Axwell Richards, he can't seem to get him out of his mind. Suddenly, catering to someone's needs doesn't seem like such a task. But Axwell has a lot of needs, or rather, demands and Alex has to decide how far he's willing to go to keep the sexy and powerful Atwell Richards happy.

AwkwardSurprises AwkwardSurprises Oct 27, 2016
I can already tell this book is going to be amazing so I want to thank the author in advance. Thank you.
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Jul 31, 2016
If only there were more people like that where I'm from 🙁
TurboIda TurboIda Mar 13, 2016
Okay *buckles up* I'm not sure I'm ready for cliches yet *rollercoaster starts to roll* to late I guess...
- - Nov 18, 2016
Omg he doesn't know that this guy isn't a runner THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT IS REAL
tastesofcigarettes tastesofcigarettes Sep 15, 2016
I had no idea that's what that was for. I was getting pissed every time an ad popped up. But I'd rather an ad pop up and pay you than have to pay for stories on other sites. Might as well buy a book, ya know?
SchoolBathroom SchoolBathroom Jul 31, 2016
Wtf, I got so into this I legit gasped irl. This is so intense for me 😂