Bad Boy is my Step-brother!?

Bad Boy is my Step-brother!?

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Blanket_Monster By blanket_monster Updated Oct 31, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed in happy endings and true love. By her senior year of high school, she finally realised those dreams were just that, dreams.

After her parents divorce, Sophia Willman has tried her hardest to become invisible. This however, doesn't come easy for her when her father announces to her that him and his girlfriend are getting married and that she is getting a brother.

Liam Kent is a player. He goes through girls at his school faster than anyone could imagine. But there is one girl that never gave him the light of day. When Liam's mother gets engaged to Sophia's dad, he realises that it's gonna be impossible for him to keep his hands off of her.

With her shy attitude at school, Liam never expected her to be confidant and sexy as hell behind closed doors.

Will these lost souls fight for their parents marriage, or will they break all the rules and fall for each other? Read to find out.

Will update alternating POV as often as possibles
Start date - Jan 18 201

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NbaNyla NbaNyla Aug 05, 2017
I'm always losing stuff but I know exaclty where they was before I lost them
Bts_anna Bts_anna Oct 31, 2017
Everyone is saying what time their curfew I'm just in my room all day ( when I don't go to school) because I hate meeting people which is wierd because when I'm talking online I'm fine with it...
aimeeXlouX aimeeXlouX Dec 27, 2017
I feel sorry for the dad because at least hes trying to be a good parent
lexi209love lexi209love Jan 14, 2017
I don't have a curfew I just tell them when I'm coming home and there ok. As long as they know where I'm going of course.
ConfusedBird1234 ConfusedBird1234 Feb 12, 2016
not mine I can stay out how long I want I just gotta call him when im coming back home
xX_mari_Xx xX_mari_Xx Feb 18, 2016
"When I went out for my Friday night rituals" sounds like she's gonna spawn Satan from hell. Lol