The Country Girl and the City Boy [Jelsa Fanfic]

The Country Girl and the City Boy [Jelsa Fanfic]

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yikes By katelynasff Updated Nov 06, 2017

Jack Frost is 23 year old misfit and is always getting in trouble. And in a few years he is going to have to take over his fathers company. And to add to that company its the most richest company in New York and in the United States. But when he does something to bizzare his father has had enough and sends him to his old friend's Ranch in the country that's mostly plains.

Elsa  Arendelle is 21 year old good girl. Her mom,and sister Anna had all lived on a farm for their whole lives. Except for their dad, her had lived in the city until he came to the country on vacation and chose to stay for his love of his life. And one day their dad got a phone call from and old friend saying his trouble making son will be staying with them for a year to get him to do work instead of being spoiled like he was.

These two people start off hating each others guts but what happens if they start to have other feeling other than hate?

*cover made by me*

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Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Dec 01, 2017
He has a mac book and it took me 3 years to convince my dad to get me an iPhone
marklestermondelo3 marklestermondelo3 Jun 18, 2017
Not only u hurt Elsa but all county thanks Jack for the pain
- - Jan 05, 2017
Sorry to bother you. The correct term of greeting from a horse is called a nicker.
TheGirlHow TheGirlHow Aug 05, 2016
I wonder is Jack gonna sleep in Elsa room since you know its big 😉
ElsaFrost292 ElsaFrost292 Oct 23, 2016
Why does everyone say ELSA'S father's name is Adgar it's not his name is Thomas I should know
jelsalover250 jelsalover250 Jan 10, 2017
I rather stay in the city than live in that tiny cottage no offense