Blistered Roses

Blistered Roses

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In Ireland, two beautiful roses blossom in harmony. It is the magical, wondrous, and lovely journey that two women experience that caused the roses to blossom. Tara and Princess Adelaide grow together as one despite the status of their family. The servant and royal struggle to keep their relationship a secret, but they strive in the love they feel for one another.

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  • wattys2016
yeah but the way this is written, it just sounds perfectly and flawlessly performed
                              I thought the servant had never danced before and only knew the steps from watching the other chick dance?
WhatWouldDoryDo WhatWouldDoryDo Jul 03, 2017
Ya know when you try come out but ye mum just pushes you back into the closet
Bishwhet01 Bishwhet01 Jun 24, 2016
I love how detailed the first paragraph was, it was like I was there, great imagery
SparkWest SparkWest Dec 31, 2016
I thought staring in someone's eyes was disrespectful bcuz it's like you are daring them
Suburban_Girl Suburban_Girl Mar 27, 2016
I like this story and I'm really into the characters' cool, unique names, even though I'm not so sure how to pronounce them
lisapaul55 lisapaul55 Sep 05, 2016
Pretty  good start .Looking forward to the rest of the story :)