Barn Mates

Barn Mates

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Story N. Phylibera By Storyflight Updated May 21, 2016

Steeveen AU: Everyone are Pokemon instead of humans, however all the gems are Eeveelutions. 

Peridot is a crystal gem, Steven is 14, and Malachite finally hits her peak. The Crystal gems tried to stop the crazed fusion and managed to stop it, however some challenges occur. 

Jasper was easy to deal with, but now Lapis Lazuli and Peridot must make up to one another, despite their hatred towards each other. With the help of Steven and the rest of the gang, Lapis and Peridot learn further about the joys of Earth. 

Note: None of this is canon and is based off of a couple of headcanons here and there. This beginning takes place in "Super Watermelon Island" which Is not released and goes from there. I also will add NOTHING from the spoilers, leaks, and new episodes. The only thing this is all based off is the promo.

My AU has a tumblr blog; SteeveenUniverse! I'll post it there too!