Mark Tuan is Mine

Mark Tuan is Mine

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Mark Tuan-  The school's heartthrob, along with his fellow members; JB, Jr, Jackson, Bambam, Yugeom and Youngjae which he met in Korea.

All the girls in the school want him, including Lauren?

Lauren Park- Not just any ordinary rich girl who used to be Mark's "best friend" But they became distant because Mark had moved to Korea for his father's job. When they finally meet again, there are some big changes in their relationship.

Bae Suzy- The school's most popular girl, thinks that she is perfect. She likes Mark, if things don't go her way... Well let's just say R.I.P 

Jennifer Kim- Lauren's best friend, she and Lauren are always seen together, they are almost inseparable.

An incident happened at school, and apparently they're engaged?!

Read the story to find out more about Lauren and Mark's relationship!!!

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g0t7yugye0m g0t7yugye0m 20 hours ago
DUDE WHY U DO THIS TO MY GIRL lol I'm joking but MY GIRL SHE AINT NO b*tch I'm joking pls don't take it srsly
Okay those clothes I would love to have those clothes on. Since I really love dark things so yeah.
Well of course she has I mean u moved was she supposed to stay lonely????
And if my dad was the principle I would probably be a really good child
litjesus litjesus Mar 26, 2016
I have a friend named Lauren and I would've recommended this to her  but her bias is Jr.
markiepoohpoo markiepoohpoo Jul 26, 2016
author ~ there is no such word as anyways 😂 only anyway hahaa