Roommates (A NaLu Fanfic)

Roommates (A NaLu Fanfic)

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NerdAlert111 By NerdAlert111 Updated Nov 14, 2016

Lucy is a secret service agent that is put on an assignment to watch over Natsu Dragneel, the heir to the throne of Fiore. But what she finds out later on is that she must attend an all boys school to watch over him. And not even just that, but she has to room with him. But what if there's something suspicious about the Academy and all the students in it. Everyone seems 'different' to her.

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I would just like to say that this is a horrible summary of the story and that the actually story is a lot better then what this says.


I wonder how many guys will want Lucy after they find out she is a girl
theStoryfangirl theStoryfangirl Aug 05, 2016
Love, love, LOVED it! I can already tell that this has the potential to be an AWESOME story
-Afterglow- -Afterglow- Sep 21, 2016
Idk why, but when male Lucy comes up, I think about Armin xD
Saricchi Saricchi Jun 27, 2016
I thought she said they out loud (reading without contacts or glasses)
AmiMizuko AmiMizuko Sep 09, 2016
For a second I thought that she actually said that and I was like "COVER BLOWN! ABORT MISSION! ABORT! ABORT!"
susan-kun susan-kun Jun 22, 2016
I keep thinking girls are saying this, but then I realize this is an all-boys school