Marry you for Baby (Book 1)

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*Book 1 of Marry You Series* >
    Elizabeth Candler had never thought she would be pregnant. Even worse, she never thought the baby's father would be Adam Kingsley, CEO of the company she currently worked at. The said CEO was also rumored for being gay as he show almost zero interest in females. But since he slept with her, it proves he does love women, but is it because of the influence of alcohol?
    But when Liz told him about her surprising pregnancy, he wanted them to get married, just for the baby's sake. Could Liz change his mind of getting married to her just for the baby's sake?
it maybe she didn't have unprotected sex? condoms break and Birth control doesn't always work. my friend found out the hard way.
it's so confusing how you write. To many Cynthias, Lizs and just use one time please.
the grammar is really pathetic!  it makes the book like 10times funnier
no ofence but ur grammer is quite hard to read and understand what the heck ur on about...
why the bįtch screaming? she knew the consequences of having unprotected sex.
Hahaha. My 3rd time reading this book since from last year. Cause i just LA-LA-Love the plot and the characters. You're such a super amazing writer @ChocoLily . Keep it up✌✌✌