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French → l.s

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Ebony♡ By ificouldharry Updated Mar 27

Harry is Louis' new roommate,  but little did Louis know , not only did he speak a completely different language, he seemed to be interested in him,  and was hiding something that would put both of their lives in danger .
Or au where Harry, a stranger,  moves in with Louis in order to pay off the bills. Harry intentionally flirts and acts confident around him,  even though Louis can't understand him, but one thing Louis learns,  is to never judge a book by it's cover .
Facades can be deceiving , really .

Louie? Beautiful name for a beautiful boy. My name is Harry.
                               Lol when you've been doing Spanish for 3 years and french for 1½ and your better at french
I think it says something like "Louis? Beautiful name for a beautiful boy. I am Harry." But idk I don't take French anymore
When you're in french 2 but it's not school hours so you look in the comments
I can just see Harry with a shirt and boots with no pants😂
i'd say something like "votre main est parfaite pour la mienne" or "votre main est faite pour être tenue par moi" or something like that
i think "Louis ? Joli prénom pour un beau/joli garçon. Moi c'est Harry/Je m'appelle Harry." would be more accurate, if you ever want to improve the french you use in this fic  (but it's already quite good, don't worry)